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Terms of Use


It is important that you read the entire Terms of Use together with the Privacy Policy. As an introduction to those details:

  • GOS has built this website which offers services and benefits to you which you can decide to use or decide not to use.
  • You must provide some information about yourself so that you can gain the benefit of the services displayed on this website and that information will be collected and kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • If you use this website, you will see a large number of vendors that offer goods and services that you can purchase. These vendors are independent of GOS and you should always carefully check their promises about their goods and services as these Terms of Use confirm that you agree to not hold GOS responsible for any default by a vendor.
  • If you use this website, the website is hosted by a business that you are familiar with and you should direct any questions firstly to that host business.

Terms of Use:

  • Global Online Shopping Pty Ltd care of Bentley’s Chartered Accountants of level 2, 139 Frome St South Australia, Australia 5000 ABN 37 168 856 684 referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “ourselves” and “GOS”.
  • A reference to “you” or Website Subscriber is a reference to the person reading this document or a person authorised by another person to do something which requires access to the site.
  • A reference to "the site" means this web site and any part of this site including where the words “Powered by Global Online Shopping” or “Powered by GOS” appear.
  • A reference to “vendor” means each of the merchants, stores, DubLi and other businesses that are displayed on this site that are promoting goods or services and this reference does not include GOS.


As a Website Subscriber, you fully and unconditionally agree to our Terms of Use so it is important that you read our Terms of Use before taking steps to purchase any goods, services or gift cards. Where this website appears under a name which is different from GOS, that business has engaged GOS to establish this website and this is the reason why there is a notice at the bottom of the website page ‘Powered by Global Online Shopping’ or ‘Powered by GOS’.

General terms

These terms may be changed by us from time to time at our discretion. We will always allow an additional 14 days before those changes become effective. You will find the changes in the same website location as these current terms. You will know if the terms have changed by seeing the phrase “last updated on 1 March 2016” with an updated date at the bottom of each page. The details will be displayed at the bottom of each page. Your continued use of the site and of any purchase of products or services on the site will represent an agreement by you to be bound by the updated terms.

Cancellation or Termination for Error

We or the vendor displayed on the site make all reasonable efforts to avoid errors, but on some occasions you may see incorrect prices or other information in relation to products and services due to typographical error or clerical oversight. In those circumstances (even after acceptance of any order or payment to us) we or the vendor that you are dealing with may cancel any transaction affected or terminate any agreement concerned. We or the vendor that you are dealing with may do this at any time before delivery or supply of the relevant product or service and will on doing so, immediately refund any relevant payment that has been made. In advance, we sincerely apologise if any such errors occur and where any transaction has had to be terminated.

Information Service

All information provided or made available by us pursuant to these terms including any vendor information displayed on the site is provided in good faith and as information of a general nature only. No such information is in any circumstances provided as advice or expert endorsement, and you should not in any circumstances place any reliance upon it.

We derive our information from sources which we believe to be accurate and up to date as at the date of publication but nevertheless we reserve the right to update or correct this information at any time.

We do not make or give any representation or warranty that any information we provide is reliable, accurate, fit for purpose or complete or that your access to that information will be uninterrupted, timely or secure.

You should make your own enquiries and consider seeking independent advice from relevant industry professionals before acting or relying on any information or material which is provided or made available to you pursuant to our information service.

You must use all information provided or made available by us for lawful purposes only. If you are under the age of 18 years, you should not make any purchases that have an 18 year or over restriction.


Notices by either of us to the other should preferably be given by email as follows:

  • by us to you at your email address notified by you on first entering into this agreement or other email address from time to time current and duly notified to us; and
  • by you to us at info@globalonlineshopping.com
  • notices given in accordance with these requirements will be deemed to have been duly delivered


This disclaimer does not attempt or purport to exclude liability arising under statute if, and to the extent, such liability cannot be lawfully excluded.

We do not make or give any representation or warranty that any of the products or services which are displayed on the website will meet your particular requirements.

You should make your own enquiries and consider seeking independent advice from relevant industry professionals before deciding whether or not to purchase or use any of products and services displayed on the website to ensure they will meet your particular requirements.

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage (however caused and whether or not involving negligence on our part or the part of some other person or entity) which you may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with your use of this website or any linked website or information source, or any of our products and services, including any such loss or damage arising out of your use of or reliance on information, videos and photographs contained in or accessed through this website.

Any condition or warranty which would otherwise be implied into these terms is hereby excluded to the full extent allowed by law. Any condition or warranty that, by law, cannot be excluded or, by law, cannot be limited in its application will apply on the basis that our liability under it will be limited to one or more of the following:

In any case where the breach relates to products that are offered by a vendor on this site please refer to their Terms of Use and for all other products expressly offered by GOS:

  • replacement of the products or the supply of equivalent products;
  • payment of the reasonable cost of replacing the products or of acquiring equivalent products; or

In any case where the breach relates to services that are offered by a vendor on this site please refer to their Terms of Use and for all other services expressly offered by GOS:

  • the supplying of the services again; or
  • the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again; and
  • in any case where neither of these is allowed under applicable legislation, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable legislation.

As the website on most occasions displays products and services which are offered by vendors rather than GOS, you should first contact the vendor that you received the goods or services from and make all reasonable attempts to receive satisfactory resolution of the dispute with that third party. You agree to provide to us copies of all of those actions should we request to see them so that we can satisfy ourselves that you have approached and attempted to receive adequate settlement of your dispute from that third party supplier of the goods or services. In addition you will appoint GOS as your authorised representative (if GOS makes that request to you) at your cost to continue the reasonable attempts to resolve the dispute with the third-party that provided the goods or services to you.

Specific Warnings

It is your responsibility, and yours alone, to ensure that neither access to or use of this site (including our products and services) or any linked website:

  • exposes you to the risk of malicious computer code (including as examples viruses, worms, trojans and spyware) or other forms of interference which may damage or compromise the integrity of any computer system owned or used by you; or
  • is not prohibited or restricted by any law or regulatory requirement to which you may be subject (including as an example the purchase of goods or services which are restricted to only persons over the age of 18 years).
  • You should be aware that, despite all reasonable precautions on our part to avoid any such risk, there is a risk of unauthorised access to or alteration of your transmissions or data or of information contained on your computer system or on this website. We do not accept responsibility or liability of any nature for any loss or damage which you may suffer, directly or indirectly, in this regard.

You should make sure you are aware of and understand the effect of, the exclusions and limitations of liability contained in these terms – including those under ‘Information Service’ and ‘Disclaimer’ above and also that when you use this website to purchase goods or services from vendors that in doing so you also are on most occasions agreeing to the Terms of Use specified by that vendor which may be more restrictive than the terms set out in this document (including as an example the DubLi Terms of Use are set out in https://au.dubli.com/info/13-Terms-and-Conditions , Woolworths gift card Terms of Use https://everydaygiftcards.com.au/gift-cards/learn-more/terms-and-conditions and Coles gift card Terms of Use http://www.giftcards.com.au/Gift-Card-Terms-of-Use.aspx ).